My designs are more about texture than colour and will look wonderful alongside a whole host of furnishing materials like dark or pale wood, exposed stone or brickwork, leather, and wrought iron. Stunning effects can be created, try putting three identical frames together to produce a gothic façade or simply create the illusion of a window at the end of a dimly lit corridor. We produce 36 frames, the scale of which ranges from 30 centimeters in height to 128 centimeters, some of which are fairly ornate incorporating multiple mirror panels whilst others are relatively simple comprising a single uninterrupted mirror. You will see small mirrors which make superb gifts, decorative mirrors for enhancing and complimenting existing decor, and larger statement pieces which will become significant focal points in any room. Many of our frames are available in a weather proof ‘stone’ version for your garden. See our section on exterior mirrors.

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The Collection Categories

Indoor Mirrors
The interior collection is cast in reinforced hard plaster in slender elegant profiles and life-size proportions; the frames have been expertly aged by a special paint effect to give that time worn antique patina so attractive on genuine decorative period pieces. You will find the neutral tones of these’ antique limestone’ pieces will sit very comfortably with many decorative styles, whether against a backdrop of rich period colors or a simpler paler scheme.
Outdoor Mirrors
The Outdoor range are the very same designs but cast in a fiber cement, robust enough to withstand the vagaries of our weather. Unlike our indoor versions we do not apply a paint finish but pre-age the frames with earth pigments which results in the soft mellow tones similar to that of cotswold stone. Depending on location and aspect the frame's appearance will continue to weather just like any stone. We use real glass for a proper reflection, the cut edges of which are buried under a bead of silicon to prevent water getting between the glass and the silvering. Not only do the frames look authentic, they feel real as they are solid rather than hollow and not light weight like some resin pieces.
Candle Holders and other wall decor
To complement our range of both Indoor and Outdoor mirrors, we have a selection of figures, candle holders and other quirky items! Ideal as gifts.
The natural glow of candle light works particularly well with these historic frames. Some carry dinner candles ,others,night lights or candles in a glass.